Maya Octopus Little


Maya Octopus Little is a mauve plush toy from the Jellycat range.

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Odell Octopus Little (New later in July)

Maya Octopus Little is a cute cuddly lilac coloured octopus with 8 springy tentacles from the Jellycat range.

Jellycat is a well known name of a UK brand of soft plushie toys. It is made  of super-soft polyester and its tentacles are made of corduroy. Its wide happy smile is embroidered on.If it has the original tag sewn in to the body of your soft toy, only then is it an original. Watch out for cheap imitations. Octopus comes in four sizes:Tiny, Little, Large and Really Big. Not all sizes are imported in to South Africa at one time and if you wish to  purchase one you need to phone 0828947604, Cherylin Creations to place a back order.

What is a Maya octopus…. The Maya octopus , also known as the Mexican four – eyed octopus is a species of shallow-water octopus found in the tropical western Atlantic Ocean. It is identifiable by its large double- ringed ocellus (a false eye spot) … so is this how this cutie was named. You will love him forever.


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