Wrought Iron Wall Lights

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  • Wall candle holder


    Made from high-quality materials, this wall-mounted holder offers both style and functionality. Its sturdy construction ensures secure placement while showcasing your favorite candles in style. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or hallway, this holder effortlessly enhances the ambiance with a soft, flickering glow.

  • Carol Double Wall Light

    Carol Double Wall Light


    Carol Double Wall Light 300mm wide x 270 mm deep. ALL SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE AS HAND MADE.  black WB 002a WB 002b has a 30 mm ball on top. A has a right g on top

  • Bridson Double Wall Light

    Bridson Double Wall Light

    Bridson Double Wall Light also available in single or triple arm. Hand made Wrought Iron wall light Cherylin Creations

  • cedrick double wall light

    Cedrick Double Wall Light

    Cedrick double wall light with or without leaves. Size 285 mm wide x 200 mm deep. Hand made Wrought Iron wall light. Price for black

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